NEWS Full Form [ What is Full Form Of NEWS ] Full Information.

NEWS Full Form [ What is Full Form Of NEWS ] Full Information – Do you know the full form of NEWS and its meaning? If you want to know the full form and meaning of NEWS then read the whole article. With varying times, many changes have been noticed in the daily work of the people. As soon as this morning, people find the newspaper, or watch TV going on various channels on TV. Viewing or reading it has become an integral part of the life of the people.Due to this, due to this, the person who has not seen the news at home, often reads the paper on his way or the news is heard with the help of internet or radio. But does anyone know that what is the actual meaning of the word NEWS? Today, in this article, we will tell about the full meaning of this word.

NEWS Full Form [ What is Full Form Of NEWS ] Full Information.

NEWS Full Form [ What is Full Form Of NEWS ] Full Information
NEWS Full Form [ What is Full Form Of NEWS ] Full Information

NEWS – North East West South

Yes, the full extension of the news we hear or watch daily is North East West South. This is a kind of information that gives information about the current events happening in or around any area. Following the gathering of all these news stories, the main person for successful NEWS is the journalist working in the news company.These journalists gather information about the current activities going around in various places and prepare a report which brings us through the newsletter, news channel or radio.

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Medium of News

Many tools are used to bring news to the common people. All these tools give us information about the activity of any corner of India. Let’s know about all these sources.

Newspaper- The easiest means of news and current activity happening around the country and abroad is news paper. It starts at 59 BC From the Roman Acta Diurna, known newsletter, which has been quite well developed over time, and today many types of newspapers are easily available to us.

Radio- Radio is an instrument that is popular for spreading news and other activities. It also works in places where newspapers can not reach. Many scientists worked and made some new research to build this instrument. In 1895 Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi sent and received the first radio signal in Italy.

TV- Television is a means of news and entertainment that lets you see the activity of any place live. The medium of news TV was invented by John Logie Baird on 26 January 1926.

Internet – Today all our resources have grown quiet. Due to the growth of internet between us, newspapers, radio and TVs have all come in our pocket i.e. mobile. With the help of which can easily get information about current activities happening at any time.

Last Word : So friends, in this article we discussed about the full form of NEWS and some various medium of NEWS. We hope you liked the article. If you have any questions or suggestions for us please mention in the comments section below. Also share this article with your friends.

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