What is The BRP Full Form?

BRP is a medical acronym. This usually means that the doctor has advised the patient to observe strict bed rest, but he can use bathroom facilities if needed. In olden times, it was common for doctors to order bed rest for patients as part of their treatment. For various reasons, it is not commonly practiced … Read more

What is The CU Full Form?

Cu is a metal which is found naturally. It is a reddish-brown metal which is highly malleable and highly smooth. Cu metal is used in many industries, such as electronics, electrical, and industrial sectors. Cu is a metal which is one of the most important metal in the existing world. It is an excellent conductor … Read more

What is The CGM Full Form?

CGM is a technology that monitors glucose levels in the blood of diabetic patients. This device continuously measures the glucose level in the blood using a sensor and displays the information on a monitoring or display unit. A CGM device consists of a sensor that is inserted into the blood. This sensor applies a special … Read more

What is The AID Full Form?

AID is an organization that works to improve the lives of people in India. They focus on things like education, healthcare, farming, and protecting the environment. AID partners with communities to create positive changes and make life better for everyone in India. What is The AID Full Form? The full form of AID is “Association … Read more

What is The EV full form?

In today’s world, with the rising prices of petrol and diesel, more people are turning to alternative options. It’s common to see many cars and bikes on the road that don’t rely on petrol or diesel but instead run on batteries. These vehicles are gaining popularity because we can charge their batteries using electricity. What … Read more

What is The PSIS Full Form?

PSIS is a bony prominence located at the back of the pelvis. It is part of the ilium bone, which is one of the three bones that make up the hip bone or innominate bone. The PSIS serves as an important anatomical landmark for various clinical assessments and procedures, particularly in the fields of orthopedics, … Read more

What is The Full Form of TCS?

TCS is a big company from India that helps with computer services and advice. Many people think TCS is one of the biggest companies for computer technology and business services right now. Back in 2008, it became the biggest technology company in Asia. Today, it has more employees compared to other Indian technology companies. TCS … Read more

What is The Full Form of UDC?

UDC, is a public historically black land-grant university located in Washington, D.C. Established in 1851, it stands as the city’s sole public university. UDC is affiliated with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. The university system offers a wide array of educational opportunities, including associate, bachelor’s, master’s, professional, and doctoral degrees, along with workforce and certificate … Read more

What is The Full Form of ADG?

The ADGP is a high-ranking position in the Indian Police Service, which means it’s a very important job. It’s ranked below the DGP. In cities like Kolkata, Chennai, and Vijayawada, the equivalent positions are Police Commissioner or Special or Additional Secretary. ADG-rank officers wear a special patch on their collar with a dark blue background … Read more

What is The Full Form of NS?

NS is a sickness passed down in families that makes some parts of the body not grow right. It makes a person’s face look different, makes them shorter than usual, and can give them heart problems and other issues. Sometimes, it can make them slower to learn things. NS comes from a change in someone’s … Read more