What is The Full Form APO?

APO Exam is given to become a government lawyer. Candidates who qualify for the APO exam get the post of the lawyer. Every district court requires one or more government lawyers for which vacancies are released yearly. After taking this exam, you can also become a government lawyer. Lawyers are sent to the court after ensuring the state government, so it is the job of the government lawyer to present the government’s side. In any government case, lawyers give all the documents in the court and show their side in the court along with evidence and witnesses.

What is The Full Form APO?

The full form of APO is “Assistant Prosecution Officer”. It is an important post which plays an important role in the legal process. The role of the APO is to assist in the prosecution process and in many legal cases the government side has to compete against the opposition.

One of the major responsibilities of the APO includes taking cognizance of criminal prosecution issues, preparing cases against criminals, and representing them in the courts. This post is under contract and for this various competitive examinations are organized by various state or central governments.

Becoming an APO requires a person to have a depth of legal knowledge, skills, and understanding as well as a good schedule. He is trained by the criminal lawyer so that he can properly understand the issues of the criminals and plead against them.

The work of APO plays an important role in bringing criminals to justice as well as in building legal justice in the society. Through this, faith in justice increases in the society and criminals are punished strictly.

How to apply for APO Exam?

  • Go to the official website of your state or the website of the Public Service Commission and fill out the APO exam form. You will also get to know about other government vacancies on the website.
  • Get all the information about APO on that website.
  • Click on the exam form for the APO exam and complete the application process.
  • Upload all the required documents carefully.

Other Full Forms of APO

Word Full Form
APO Assistant Postmaster Officer
APO Army Post Office
APO Asian Productivity Organization
APO Authorised Push Payment
APO Authorized Payment Order
APO Accountable Property Officer
APO Asian Pacific Organization
APO Antarctic Protected Area
APO Air Passenger Origin
APO Airport Operations
APO Advanced Planning and Optimization
APO Asian Pacific Islanders
APO Automatic Payment Order
APO Alkyl Polyglycosides
APO Air Pollution Officer
APO Authorized Personnel Only
APO Automatic Purchase Order
APO Automatic Performance Optimization
APO Automated Purchase Order
APO Academic Program Office
APO Automatic Persistent Offloading
APO Automatic Program Optimization
APO Action, Plan, Outcome
APO Audio Process Object
APO Assistant Provost Officer
APO Association of Philippine Orthodontists
APO Attitude and Pointing Operations
APO Atmospheric Pressure Optimal
APO Account Payable Outsourcing
APO Actual Production Output
APO Air Passenger Origin
APO Army Post Office
APO Auxiliary Police Officer
APO Application Portfolio Optimization
APO Airline Pilot Organization
APO Authorised Payment Order
APO Authorised Personnel Only
APO Annual Performance Objective
APO Army Post Office
APO Association of Philatelic Societies
APO Authorized Payment Order
APO Advanced Planner and Optimizer
APO Atomic, Plasma, and Optical Physics
APO Asset Performance Optimization
APO Auxiliary Police Officer
APO Asian Productivity Organization
APO Asia Pacific Organization
APO Accountable Property Officer
APO Annual Performance Objective
APO Assistant Project Officer
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Question: What is APO?
Answer: APO means “Assistant Prosecution Officer”. It is a post which provides assistance in determining the cases of criminals and prosecuting them.

Question: What is the function of APO?
Answer: The job of an APO is to prepare cases against criminals, represent them, and conduct cases in the courts.

Question: How to become an APO?
Answer: To become an APO a person needs legal knowledge, skills, and training. He is trained by a criminal lawyer.

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