MDM Ka Full Form

MDM Ka Full Form: The MDM Program was implemented nationwide on August 15, 1995, as a Central Prayer Scheme. After this, in September 2004, a system of giving menu-based cooked hot food was started in September 2004. Currently, this program, in collaboration with the Government of India, the state government up to the upper primary level of the state, schools run by the school, education guarantee scheme, and AIESentor, National Child Labor Project (NCLP ) Special schools and madrasas, etc. are being operated under.

The program’s main objective is to promote the publicization of primary education, increase enrollment and attendance of students in schools, prevent dropouts, and increase learning levels. Also, improving the nutritional level of primary and upper primary levels studying students and providing lunch to students regularly in drought-affected districts during summer vacation. In the scheme, about 1.09 lakh cooks are giving their services, by which the students are served food by cooking hot food in schools.

MDM Full Form In Hindi and English

The complete form of MDM is a mid-day meal; it is also known as a mid-day Meal Scheme.

Hindi English
मिड डे मील Mid Day Meal
  1. M – मिड (Mid)
  2. D – डे (Day)
  3. M – मील(Meal)

Mid-Day Meal Scheme Budget

  1. In every five-year plan, the government is fixed by the government related to the mid-day meal scheme. The government had set a budget of 9 billion for the mid-day meal scheme in the Gyharway Five-Year Plan. Whereas in the twelfth Five Year Plan, the government had kept a budget of 901.55 billion for the mid-day meal scheme.
  2. The expenses coming from the mid-day meal scheme by the central and state governments are shared. Out of whatever expenses bring this scheme, the central government has to pay 60 percent and the states 40 percent.
  3. The central government provides food grains and finance for food, while the federal and state governments spend the cost of facilities, transport, and labor.

MDM Scheme Advantages

For a long time, this scheme has been running in our country and has proved very successful. Many benefits have also come from this scheme for children.

  1. Due to the implementation of this scheme, many such children have got food and have also been developed well due to getting nutritious food.
  2. Even today, there is a lot of backwardness about girls’ education in our country’s rural areas. But under this scheme, children are fed food for free, so these people have also started sending their girls to school so that their Betts can get them.
  3. Due to getting food in school, they are also sent to school every day by the children’s families; due to this, children are attended by school daily.

MDM Scheme Disadvantages

Mid-day meal is a scheme related to eating, and the quality of food given to children by this mill could be better. In the last several years, it has been seen that many children have died due to eating food given under this scheme. The money given by the government to run this scheme properly is also scammed, and due to this, the children get poor food, and the government also suffers a lot of damage.

Due to the mid-day meal scheme, many children get complete food every day, and due to this, poor children of our country are saved from being a victim of dangerous diseases like malnutrition. Also, the development of children is done well.

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Q: When did the mid-day meal plan come?
Ans: 1995

Q: What is the mid-day meal plan?
Ans: All the children are given mid-day meals in a government school so that they come to the school daily and continue to get enough nutrition. The government prepares separate guidelines for this.

Q: What is the full form of MDM?
Ans: Mid-Day Meal.

Q: What is a mid-day meal program?
Ans: More and more children should study in a government school. Their presence increased in the school, and the mid-day meal program started in 1995 by the Central Government to give them good nutritious food.

Q: What is the main goal of the plans for the mid-day lunch meal program?
Ans: The scheme aims to end malnutrition in the country, and children should get nutritious, good food.

Q: What is the salary of a cook in school?
Ans: 1500 rupees are given directly to those who make mid-day meals.

Q: What is the salary of cooks working under mid-day meals in 2020?
Ans: The salary of the cooks was 1000 rupees, earlier it has been reduced to 1500 rupees.

Q: What is loss from a mid-day meal?
Ans: Government officials often do not pay attention, so bad food is served to children, which affects their health. Such cases have been heard many times. The government should take strict steps to deal with this problem.

Q: How much is the salary of a mid-day meal?
Ans: Under the scheme, 1,500 food cooks and a pension of Rs 3000 are available under the Shram Yogi Honorary Pension Scheme.