What is The Full Form BFF?

In today’s time, who does not use social media? Everyone is busy on social media day and night. There will be no internet user who uses the internet on his smartphone or computer but does not use social media. Or we can say that almost everyone uses social media. If you use social media, you must have heard the word BFF at some point or another, or you must have seen the word BFF written on any social media because this word is currently trending on Facebook. If you do not use social media, then you might not know about BFF because this word is most popular or trending on Facebook these days. Friends, when you see BFF written on social media or Facebook, then this question must have come to your mind: what is the complete form of this BFF, and what is the meaning of this BFF?

What is The Full Form BFF?

The full form of BFF is “Best Friends Forever”. BFF is generally used by today’s young people, especially girls, for their besties. If you have a friend whose habits are very similar to yours and you get along well with him, then you can say that he is your Best Friend Forever.

What is BFF?

BFF’s full form is Best Friends Forever. BFF is a phrase used to describe a close and intimate friendship. This kind of friendship is defined by trust and a sense of goodwill. For a relationship to decline into the territory of BFFs, contact between such close friends must often be based on shared feelings and experiences, the sense of exclusivity not conveyed in the phrase BFF that allows people to have as many BFFs as they want.

Other Full Forms of BFF

Here are the other BFF full forms.

Word Description
BFF Best Friends Forever
BFF Best Friend Forever
BFF Besties Forever
BFF Bestie Forever
BFF Bestie Friends Forever
BFF Best Buddies Forever
BFF Best Bud Forever
BFF Bestest Friends Forever
BFF Be Friends Forever
BFF Be Friends Forver (common typo)
BFF Biffles Forever
BFF Biffle Forever
BFF Bezzie Forever
BFF Beloved Friends Forever
BFF Big Friends Forever
BFF Big Friend Forever
BFF Beautiful Friends Forever
BFF Boy Friends Forever
BFF Boy Friend Forever
BFF Girl Friends Forever
BFF Girl Friend Forever
BFF Bro Friends Forever
BFF Bro Friend Forever
BFF Buddy Friends Forever
BFF Buddy Friend Forever
BFF Beating Friend Forever
BFF Best Friends Fornever
BFF Best Furry Friends
BFF Best Feline Friends
BFF Best Feathery Friends
BFF Best Feathered Friends
BFF Best Fishy Friends
BFF Best Finned Friends
BFF Best Furry Friend
BFF Best Feline Friend
BFF Best Feathery Friend
BFF Best Feathered Friend
BFF Best Fishy Friend
BFF Best Finned Friend
BFF Best Feral Friend
BFF Best Fur-ever Friends
BFF Best Fur Friend
BFF Best Four-legged Friends
BFF Best Four-Legged Friend
BFF Best Frisky Friends
BFF Best Friendly Friends
BFF Best Friend’s Family
BFF Best Friend’s Forever
BFF Best Friend’s Family
BFF Best Friend’s Future


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Question: What is the full form of BFF?
Answer: The full form of BFF is “Best Friends Forever”

Question: What is the full form of BFF In Hindi?
Answer: The full form of BFF in hindi is “सबसे अच्छे दोस्त हमेशा”

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