PC Ka Full Form

You must have heard the name of the word PC many times in your life. But many people still do not know about PC. Nowadays, the word PC has become a common thing in schools and offices. PC is a small and multipurpose computer in size designed for only one user. PC does not need any technician or instructions to run.

PC Ka Full Form In Hindi

PC का फुल फॉर्म “पर्सनल कंप्यूटर”।

  1. P – पर्सनल
  2. C – कंप्यूटर

PC Ka Full Form In English

The full form of a PC is a personal computer. That is, it is also known as a private computer or a personal computer.

  • P – Personal
  • C – Computer

The company uses PCs to perform tasks such as accounting, desktop publication, and word processing, as well as database and spreadsheet running. At home, the PC is mainly used for multimedia entertainment, such as playing games, accessing the internet, etc. Even though the PC intends to be used as a user system, it is normal to combine them to create a network, such as a local area network (LAN).


  • The price of a PC is also very low. Therefore, even ordinary people can buy them
  • These computers are used the most in the offices and homes.
  • For entertainment, education, medicine, online shopping, e-governance, etc.PC is the most suitable device.

Microprocessor technology is used in all PCs, due to which it has become easier to apply CPU on a single chip.

First, IBM _ Compatibles were called PCs. At that time, Apple’s computers were called Macintosh. IBM PCS used Inter Processor and MS-DOS At that time, computers in which MS-DOS was used were called PC to get a different identity from MAC, and today, computers in which Microsoft Windows is used are known as PC. These include Desktop Computer, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.

Pc Hardware

Now we provide you with some internal information about personal computers. A personal computer is a central processing unit, and it has an economic logic and control circuit repeated on a single integrated circuit. Let us tell you that a PC has two types of memory: only main memory such as ROM, RAM, magnetic hard disk, and compact disc. Secondly, it includes various output and input devices, which also include devices, displays, screens, and equipment such as mouse and Keyboards.

PC characteristics

Let us now talk about the characteristics of PC which are the following:

  • PC can be set in less space due to being small in size.
  • Its price is also very low, which is pocket-friendly, and we can buy it easily, and the common person can easily buy it.
  • No technical expert is required to run a personal computer. You can easily run it.
  • Personal computers have been made for single users only, due to which more people cannot work simultaneously.
  • You must have seen that most of the personal computers are used in homes and offices.
  • PC is considered to be the first to use medical, online shopping, entertainment, education, and online classes, and PC is most commonly used.

Application Software

Typically, a computer uses application software to perform a specific function. The system supports software applications and provides common services such as memory management, network connectivity, and device drivers that all applications can use but are not directly interested in the final user.

A simplified analogy in the world of hardware will have an electric light bulb (an application) for an electric power generation plant (a system): A power plant only generates electricity until no real use is there, like an application that serves the user.

Main parts of PC

PC consists of all these parts, which are the following:

System Unit
Monitor or Visual Display Unit
Hard Disk Drive 
C-D Rome Drive

Additional parts can be put on the need in computer:

Joy Stick

Softwares in PC

Softwares applications for most PC include: web browser, MS office tools like- Word, Excel, Power Point; Email, multimedia application, database etc.

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What is the full form of PC in the computer?
PC’s full form is Personal Computer. The company uses PCs to perform tasks such as accounting, desktop publication, and word processing, as well as database and spreadsheet running.

What is the full name of the PC?
PC, i.e., Personal Computer, came into vogue in 1970. At that time, there was a popular personal computer, Apple II, which the Apple Company created.

What are the types of PCs?
Types of Personal Computer Desktop Computer (Notebook) Tablet (Smartphone)
PC full form in Whatsapp (PC Full Form in Instagram)
“Politically correct” is the most common definition for PC on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tickets

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Police Constable

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