What is The Full Form of JET?

JET launched a written examination to select employees and officers in various departments across India. JET examines Accountant, Accounts Officer, Junior Engineer, Manager and other posts. Today, it holds the leading position as one of the best-performing recruitment examination organizations in India. What is The Full Form of JET? The complete form of JET is … Read more

Math ka Full Form

Math ka Full Form: Mathematics is called math in shortcuts. Candidates find it easy to take the short name of Mathematics because it does not have to be pulled long. Therefore, the candidates only take part of the names like Mathematics and call it math. Maths is a very important and old subject. He is … Read more

PC Ka Full Form

You must have heard the name of the word PC many times in your life. But many people still do not know about PC. Nowadays, the word PC has become a common thing in schools and offices. PC is a small and multipurpose computer in size designed for only one user. PC does not need … Read more

UPSSSC P E T Ka Full Form

P E T Ka Full Form: There are crores of youth in India who prepare for different types of examinations. To be successful in your life, to fulfil your purpose, select your favourite job to live better. For which they have to move forward with a lot of hard work and hard work. In today’s … Read more

Computer Ka Full Form Kya Hai

Computer Ka Full Form Kya Hai: Computer’s full form is taken from Common Operating Machine purposely used for Technological and Educational Research (Computer) in English. In today’s time, there will be hardly any person who will be deemed to be from computer. Our daily life has great use of computer. You can see anywhere, see … Read more