CD Ka Full Form Hindi

CD Ka Full Form Hindi: A compact Disc or CD is a flat, small, round shape and a plastic made of plastic. The diameter of the CD is about 4.75 inches. The CD is a Reflective Metallic Layer where we can store various data types. The data stored in CDs cannot be seen or read usually. Data up to 700MB of data can be stored on CD. To see the data stored on CD, a CD Drive or CD Player is required, with the help of which we can access store data on CD.

CD Ka Full Form In Hindi

CD का फुल फॉर्म “कॉम्पैक्ट डिस्क”।

  1. C – कॉम्पैक्ट
  2. D – डिस्क

CD Ka Full Form In English

The full form of CD is compact disc.

  1. C – Compact
  2. D – Disc

History of CD

The credit for the invention of the Compact Disk cannot be given to anyone because, due to the contribution of many people, we are currently seeing this form of CD. However, James Russell is mainly considered the inventor of the CD. He discovered the CD in 1965. Then, he sold the CD patent to Sony and Phillips Company. For this reason, the first CD was built on 17 May 1978 in Japan. But the creation of the Compact Disk (CD) was first started on 17 August 1982 at the Filips Company in Germany.

What is CD? (सीडी क्या होता है?)

CD (Compact Disc) is a flat, small round -shaped recordable tool which can store up to 700MB of data. Its diameter is 4.75 inches.

This is a portable data storage device which you can take with you to any place. The quality of the data you keep in the CD remains the same for a long time. In Compact Disk, any data such as audio, video, text, picture etc. can be stored in digital format.

The CD contains tiny notches in which data is stored. When we put the CD in a CD player, the disc rotates round and round, and the laser reads the data from the optical drive.

The CD is also called CD ROM because the data is stored once in it. After filling the data in the CD, you can use that data, but no other data can be filled in.

Types of CD

Compact disc or CD are mainly of three types


Advantage of CD

Compact disc or CD has many benefits of which some of which are as follows-

  • The CD is very cheap, that is, the price of CD is very low.
  • The CD is portable, so it can be taken with you anywhere.
  • If the CD is maintained, it lasts for a long time.

Disadvantage of CD

Friends also have some disadvantages of CDs which are as follows-

  • The speed of reading and writing CD is slow.
  • The CD gets scratched very easily.
  • CD is low in the capacity to store data.

What is a cd player?

A CD Player is also called a CD Reader; a friend’s CD is a device in which we can only store data but cannot access the data. A different device is required to access the installed data in the CD, which we know as CD Player. In today’s time, different types of CD players are present for different kinds of CDS.

What is it to burn a CD?

In CD, when we fill any data like songs, videos, etc., it is called CD WRITE or CD Burn.

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Q: What is the full form of CD?
The full form of CD is “compact disc”.

Q: Who invented the CD?
The CD was invented by “James Russell”.

Q: What is the storage capacity of CD?
We can store up to 700MB data in CD, that is, the storage capacity of CD is up to about 700MB.

Q: How to store data in CD?
In CD, data is stored as 0 and 1 in binary form.

Q: What are the types of CDs?
CDs are mainly 3 types



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