SC Full Form

SC Full Form: SC stands for Scheduled Castes. The government kept such castes in this category, which are financially backward as well as socially backward. After the country gained independence, these castes were considered as a very lower level caste; they have always been discriminated against, due to which they have not received equal opportunities … Read more

MDM Ka Full Form

MDM Ka Full Form: The MDM Program was implemented nationwide on August 15, 1995, as a Central Prayer Scheme. After this, in September 2004, a system of giving menu-based cooked hot food was started in September 2004. Currently, this program, in collaboration with the Government of India, the state government up to the upper primary … Read more

ACF Ka Full Form

ACF is an important officer in the administration of forest regions. ACF is a gazetted officer and holds a position in the administrative domain equivalent to an SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) and to the DSP/ASP (Deputy Superintendent of Police/Assistant Superintendent of Police) in the police department. ACF officers are associated with regional forest forces. Either enter … Read more

CD Ka Full Form Hindi

CD Ka Full Form Hindi: A compact Disc or CD is a flat, small, round shape and a plastic made of plastic. The diameter of the CD is about 4.75 inches. The CD is a Reflective Metallic Layer where we can store various data types. The data stored in CDs cannot be seen or read … Read more

NRI Ka Full Form

NRI Ka Full Form: NRI has gone to the citizen of the country who has received visas and passports from the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India and has gone to work abroad outside the country for jobs, education, walking, etc. Due to NRI citizens, foreign exchange reserves in the country grow, … Read more