PG Full Form

All of you must have heard the name PG. And you will also have a lot of information about it. But do you know the full name of PG in Hindi? There are few people who know about PG full form. It is a post-graduation degree from which Graduation is done after the degree. If … Read more

CA Full form

If you are a student currently studying 12th grade and want to become an Accountant, then the CA course can be the best for you. Today’s article will tell you about becoming an accountant (CA Full Form) and how you can prepare to become one. As you know, many people want to become CA, but … Read more

What is the full form of TVS?

Full form of TVS: You must have heard its name. So, do you know what the full form of TVS is? If not, you don’t need to worry at all because today we are going to provide you with a lot of information about TVS through this article, such as what TVS is and what … Read more

MP Full Form

MP Full Form: If you do not know full form of MP then it should be relaxed because today we are going to give you all the information about MP in this article like What is MP’s full form? The word MP holds an important place in Indian politics and its full form is “member … Read more

OPD Full Form

OPD Full Form: Hospitals often have Outpatient Department (OPD) facilities located on the ground floor to provide convenience to patients. In simple terms, when a person goes to the hospital for treatment and consults with a doctor but returns without getting admitted, this process is referred to as the OPD (Outpatient Department) procedure. Essentially, the … Read more

What is the full Form of Raw Agency?

Full Form of Raw Agency: Terrorism has spread extensively worldwide in today’s time. Due to this terrorism, a lot of destruction occurs globally. Therefore, it is the duty of every government to ensure the security of its citizens from all aspects, whether it be an enemy country or any terrorist threat. For the security of … Read more

Sum Full Form

Sum Full Form: In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of technology, acronyms and abbreviations are commonplace. One such acronym that holds significant importance in the software development landscape is “SUM,” which stands for Software Users Manual. This document plays a crucial role in ensuring effective communication between software developers and end-users, providing a comprehensive guide … Read more

What is the Thank you Short Form in Chat?

Thank you Short Form in Chat: In today’s fast-paced digital world, communication has become increasingly efficient and concise. One way this manifests is through abbreviations and short forms used in chat conversations. One such example is the short form for “thank you,”. This abbreviation has gained popularity in online interactions as a convenient and efficient … Read more

SC Full Form

SC Full Form: SC stands for Scheduled Castes. The government kept such castes in this category, which are financially backward as well as socially backward. After the country gained independence, these castes were considered as a very lower level caste; they have always been discriminated against, due to which they have not received equal opportunities … Read more

MDM Ka Full Form

MDM Ka Full Form: The MDM Program was implemented nationwide on August 15, 1995, as a Central Prayer Scheme. After this, in September 2004, a system of giving menu-based cooked hot food was started in September 2004. Currently, this program, in collaboration with the Government of India, the state government up to the upper primary … Read more