What is The Full Form of NABH?

NABH, the top standard for hospital quality in India, is developed by the Quality Council of India (QCI), following international accreditation norms like JCI, ACH, and others. Patients benefit greatly from NABH accreditation, as it prioritizes their quality of care and safety. It also supports hospital staff in ongoing learning and ensuring safe practices. NABH … Read more

What is The Full Form RPSC?

RPSC was started on August 20, 1949. It’s an institution in Rajasthan. RPSC conducts all A and B group exams in Rajasthan. RPSC makes important decisions about many exams in Rajasthan. RPSC is a major examination conducted by the Government of Rajasthan to recruit eligible candidates for gazetted posts in the Government of Rajasthan. About … Read more

What is The Full Form BFF?

In today’s time, who does not use social media? Everyone is busy on social media day and night. There will be no internet user who uses the internet on his smartphone or computer but does not use social media. Or we can say that almost everyone uses social media. If you use social media, you … Read more

What is The Full Form CAP?

In the 1997 federal election, CAP fielded candidates for the first time. Following the election, it absorbed the Canada Party, a minor party advocating monetary reform, which former members of the Social Credit Party of Canada had founded. Claire Foss, former leader of the Canada Party, assumed the role of vice-president of CAP until November … Read more

What is The Full Form APO?

APO Exam is given to become a government lawyer. Candidates who qualify for the APO exam get the post of the lawyer. Every district court requires one or more government lawyers for which vacancies are released yearly. After taking this exam, you can also become a government lawyer. Lawyers are sent to the court after … Read more

What is The Full Form Math?

This is a question that everyone must have thought since childhood. Math is a word which plays an important role in everyone’s life, be it a student or a professional. In this article we will know what is the full form of math and what is its importance. What is The Full Form Math? The … Read more

What is half of 3/4?

This question may be very simple, but its answer is very important. In mathematics, dividing fractions and finding halves is an important step that can help in understanding data. What is half of 3/4? To find half of 3/4 we need to divide it in half. Dividing in half means multiplying by 2. So, to … Read more

What is The Full Form of DC Comics?

DC Comics has made its mark on the world, with their comics also being used in many other mediums, such as films, television shows, video games, and merchandising. Its comics of superheroes and villains influence people of all ages and create huge solace among their lovers. DC Comics has many prominent characters such as Superman, … Read more

What is The Short Form of Engineering?

Engineering is an education field that provides technical and professional competencies to solve problems using elements of science, mathematics, and technology. This field is divided into various subfields, such as computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, etc. What is The Short Form of Engineering? The short form of engineering is “Engg”. This term … Read more

What is The Short Form of Madam?

Madam is an honorific and respectful word which is generally used in respect of women. The term is used in various contexts, such as in official messages, dialogues, or social situations. It is used in communication especially as an expression of respect and honor. What is The Short Form of Madam? The short form of … Read more